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Daydrea-Ming in Blue and White

CHARLES MILLEN Signature Collection Fine Bone China VOGUE series—CHINOIS, is inspired by the allure of chinoiserie, a European homage to the artful interpretation and tradition of the Far East. Blue and white porcelain—Qinghua (ching-hwaa), meaning “blue flowers”, is China’s most famous and widespread porcelain. Decorated with blue pigment, usually cobalt oxide, Qinghua has been produced […]


Floored in Palatial Luxury

CHARLES MILLEN Signature Collection presents PALAIS—a luxurious series of cotton mats that combines time-tested Turkish craftsmanship with modern exquisite designs. Using a unique blend of cotton and embellished with plant-based viscose for visual depth and texture, this gives each mat an appealing lustre that changes at different angles. Lined with anti-slip canvas for safety and durability, PALAIS […]

CHARLES MILLEN Signature Fina Bone China Tableware BIJOUX

Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered…by BIJOUX

CHARLES MILLEN Signature Collection Fine Bone China VOGUE series—BIJOUX, pays tribute to the gold Victorian Era where the pursuit of art and life is embraced as a form of beauty. Inspired by gold bejewelled brooch on velvet chokers, popular amongst the Victorian bourgeoisie, BIJOUX encapsulates the essence of royalty, inspired by regal designs ubiquitous in objet […]

TSURU Japanese Dining Collection Artisanal Tableware

TSURU—The Artisan of Japanese Dining

Our evergreen artisanal Japanese tableware collection—TSURU—is finally available online! TSURU imbues the cultural aesthetics of Japanese craft work into its tableware, glassware, bamboo serveware, ceramic accents and fine textiles, to bring you an authentic Japanese dining experience. In keeping true to the Japanese tradition of Zen living, every TSURU product maintains a natural balance in […]

Et Voila…the Babouche!

CHARLES MILLEN Signature Bed Collection presents an elegant loungewear series of footwear—BABOUCHE (pronounced “ba-boosh”)—that is now a fashion world staple. The babouche, or Moroccan slipper, has been worn by Moroccans for centuries and was popular with 17th-century French courtiers, for whom the slipper may have suggested an easy, nonchalant way of life. Each pair of […]

CHARLES MILLEN Signature Fine Bone China Tableware PEACE

Keep Calm and Carry On Fabulously

CHARLES MILLEN Signature Fine Bone China Tableware Collection—VOGUE series—PEACE pays tribute to another fashion capital, Shanghai, with the iconic Peace Hotel and its art deco splendour as the key inspiration. Just like it was the first Western skyscraper in the Eastern hemisphere in its day, PEACE is the first in the VOGUE series to juxtapose elements of East and West. […]

Fleur the Love of Food

CHARLES MILLEN Signature Collection Fine Bone China VOGUE series—FLEUR, is inspired by the everlasting beauty of orchids, of which Singapore’s beloved national flower, Vanda ‘Miss Joaquim’, is the key focus. Blue and white chinaware has been around for centuries and well-loved in eastern as well as western cultures. This beautiful cross-cultural appreciation is also one […]

Dig that Jive!

CHARLES MILLEN Signature Collection Fine Bone China VOGUE series—JIVE, is inspired by the black and white contrasts of the psychedelic ‘60s, a juxtaposition of snazzy bold geometric shapes and jazzy pop art culture. From dramatic candy stripes to whimsical polka dots, this chic yet fun range of tableware is a fitting tribute to a carefree, […]

When Jazzy Mod meets Vintage Chic…

CHARLES MILLEN Signature Collection Fine Bone China VOGUE series—MOD, is inspired by the visual feast of patterns and designs one might experience in a ’60s British mod fashion show. Mod fashion was innovative, creative, bold and brash. The colour palette is the apotheosis in the development of MOD, working seamless together and providing layering possibilities which is quintessentially […]

CHARLES MILLEN Signature Fine Bone China Tableware SAVOY (VOGUE Series)

Chompin’ at the Savoy

CHARLES MILLEN Signature Collection Fine Bone China VOGUE series—SAVOY, pays homage to another quintessential fashion city in the world, London, this time with the fabulous Savoy Hotel London as its creative muse. The Savoy has long been famous for its association with Broadway and Jazz; and has enjoyed the patronage of Frank Sinatra, Judy Garland […]

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