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Having a gorgeous home interior is not difficult to achieve. You can tie a look together with a simple painting, some accent pieces on the console or coffee table and voila!—instant transformation. To help you with that, we have traversed cultural borders to bring you these home accents and occasional art so you can channel your decorating prowess.

“If the world’s your oyster, your home’s the pearl.” — CHARLES MILLEN

When we accent our living space with things we resonate with—visually, emotionally or spiritually—we turn a house into a home. It is important to augment your home with things you love so they can inspire and bring joy to you and your loved ones every single day—from calming tsukubais that bring the sight and sound of nature right into your home to a cheery doorstopper or bookender that puts a smile on your face—just let your heart do the choosing.


Home Fragrance

Doorstoppers or Bookenders

Sometimes, all you need to pull visual focus in a room is a piece of painting on the wall. More so if it can tie everything together in a room thematically—be it the colour, mood or concept. The important thing is that you must love it. Our occasional art features individually hand-painted acrylic on canvas from SUZANNE SOBELLE®, so you can bring home an artwork imbued with the artist’s passion and pride.

Life is beautiful and we must cherish and live each day in the present, be safe and be kind. We are taking care of the well-being of RizonHome team and we hope this will also help keep our loyal fan base safe and well.

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