All who love to entertain, hold dinner parties or just add a touch of sophistication to their food presentation will enjoy our variety of serveware. From gorgeous yet practical serving trays (coming soon!) to our party-ready Receptionware and Hostingware from SOIRÉE, you can mix, match and layer on to create your perfect tablescape for your dining occasion.

Our Hostingware from SOIRÉE is renown for its tiered functionality set in a simple, yet sleek form. The serving plates are made from superior porcelain that are durable and easy to maintain. The metal stands are sturdy and some are designed to be flexible. Multi-tiered serveware are great for creating an elevated presentation for your food and also helpful in optimising your tabletop space. As they come packaged in a beautifully vibrant box, they make great gifts as well.

Our Receptionware collection from SOIRÉE is perfect for adding a bit of pizazz to your dining table or casual gathering. The superior porcelain serving plates or dishes set against a bamboo tray is the signature look of Receptionware—clean and light, with just a touch of artistic expression in design and form. Even in its bare state, the organised geometry is a thing of beauty. Each Receptionware comes beautifully packaged in a gift box, making an ideal present for whom you love.

Tea Indulgence from SOIRÉE is the quintessential tea serveware collection for those who favour the minimalistic or Scandinavian look—clarity of form and singularity of function. Made from strong and heat resistant borosilicate glass, each Tea Indulgence set makes tea time an elegant and dedicated affair, worthy of sharing with friends or creating that personal Zen moment.

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